My Road to India

Keylong, Himalayas 1979


my road to India -
hoping for sunshine
at the other side

donkey caravan

Many good things have happened since I started collecting kigo and getting the INDIA SAIJIKI under way. Later the WHCindia forum was established for communication too and now the great meeting of worldwide haiku poets in India will take place!
Quite a lot in such a short time!

A great big THANK YOU to all who helped to make this happen !

With the establishment of the INDIA SAIJIKI you haiku poets from India have shown poets of other areas of the world that it is well possible to continue the Japanese tradition in a different cultural background and still keep its essence, KIGO, well alive.
BRAVO for your efforts !
BRAVO, dear Kala !

I hope the meeting will give you time to discuss the establishment and collection of more kigo for India further with Susumu Takiguchi sensei himself! I am looking forward to reading your haiku from the meeting!

I am sorry I can not be with you all, but I will think of you every day!

Enjoy the meeting, enjoy your company and make the best of each day!

May your Haiku Life glow and grow !

Gabi Greve, Okayama, Japan




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